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Where to live near Cebu City or on Mactan with walking dog

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My dog is already a city dog. Where I live is very dog friendly. They get used to the commotion and she loves meeting people. 

Do need to find a bit of grass for her to go however. 

Are there condos/rental homes or areas that are more likely to allow dogs, be near some area to walk, and while we are at it have the best internet and stable electricity (generators/delays). I know IT Park may be an option. Would like to be near the water but internet is critical for work. 

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I think we are somewhat going in circles here.

As much as everyone would like to help you it's unlikely we can suggest an exact specific place and if we could it would it be available next year when you may have a chance to visit? 

But everything on your wish list could be found in or near the metro Cebu City area. 

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