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Blood Pressure


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21 hours ago, Dave Hounddriver said:

When I take 50 mg of Losartan and walk a lot then I get a similar situation, about 100/60.  When I take 50 mg of Losartan daily and sit around all day then I get 120/80.  Without the Losartan I gradually creep up to 150/110 so I take take the Losartan but I try to take it AFTER my daily walk.

Wonder if its the time span between taking the tabs and the testing, not sure how long it stays in the system but believe not that long.

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19 hours ago, Freebie said:

I lived in China before retiring to Philippines. During the last year there were many high pressure adn tense situations revolving round chinese fighting over who owned what in a company I worked for. The results was I felt daily pressure , tension and I guess resultant sleeping issues. I could sense blood pressure issues.

Had an arm cuff machine Id bought In HK but rarely used and my scores were elevated, from my usual 120/80 130/80 up to 150/90. Id never had such scores. So after lunch would go to my apartment , measure BP. Record the score..then sit in a dark room and meditate, or at least practice mindfulness.. letting thoughts go , thinking good things for 30 minutes. Then I would record the score. Invariably it was back down to about 120/80.

After work Id have a 10km  walk, record the score before walking and record after. Again, 30 minutes after walking, the score would be back to a normal 120/80 range.

These days in Makati  I walk at least 2 hours every day and have stopped looking at scores. On the rare docs visits they always says its about 130/120 80.....

Read a lot about this, watched a you tube vid a while ago. Guy tested himself immediately after running up stairs and of course very high. Went into deep breathing 5 minutes and was low....Confusing at best. 

I am trying to test after sitting for 5 minutes but nothing else.

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On 10/12/2021 at 10:37 AM, Snowy79 said:

when I went for my first covid vaccine they said I had high blood pressure.  They did use the wrist type though and I'd been playing musical chairs and standing up for 5hrs while waiting the vaccine.

Same for both my jabs.  My BP is normally controlled but for both jabs I had to sit around and wait for my BP to go down after the musical chairs and first test.  I even complained to SBMA management that this was a really stupid way to make seniors wait right before a BP test and it was slowing the whole process. Have you ever heard of numbers, I asked?  Some were much worse off health-wise than me and I could tell that the musical chairs up and down was very hard on them.  Got a response about following the IATF rules or something like that.  Takeaway:  bring your wheelchair.  Only way around it. 

On 10/12/2021 at 12:54 PM, GeoffH said:

What I tend to do it take a reading in the morning and the evening for a couple of weeks before a Doctors visit and save it in the machine then take my BP tester with my when I visit the Doctor so he can look at the results.  It seems to make him less reliant on the single reading taken on the day of the visit.

This cardiologist says home readings are the most important!  I don't think you need to bring the machine unless you really think it has an issue.  The wrong size cuff can contribute to incorrect readings.  I need the XL cuff.


12 hours ago, Dave Hounddriver said:

It will probably take a while before the recall gets to Philippine pharmacies but when it does you may want to try Candesartan (16mg) which is what my pharmacist substituted for the Losartan that I can no longer get.  I haven't tried it yet but . . .  no choice.

I was taking Losartan for a few years, prescribed by my local GP.  When I had to have a cardiologist clear me before shoulder surgery in 2019, he recommended switching to Micardis Plus (Telmisartan + Hydrochlorothiszide).  It is available in the U.S., Philippines and maybe even backwards countries like Canada.  I know several people who use it.

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8 hours ago, RBM said:

I am trying to test after sitting for 5 minutes but nothing else.

That is fine normally and is what I do, but if you do real exercise like walking, running, etc., wait at least 30 minutes with the last 5 resting.

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From all the welcome comments and the videos I have seen it appears the home testings are number 1.

The only video that sticks in mind was a doc whom said even if your home readings are fine, your high at the docs meds are necessary. Why because every day one has a similar experience, near car incident (Happens here every day) unexpected financial shocks...also happens often......all these puts one at risk....

I intend to stop meds at weekend and see what the changes are.

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I heard a rumor that low blood pressure is good, but if the BP drops to zero over zero that is bad.  Does anyone know if this is really true.  :hystery:

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