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UK state pension regulations


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Pretty sure they just needed my address... yes. Certainly nothing complicated.  

When here, you can contact them (UK Pension Service) on their freephone number, using Skype...and take as long as you like on the call (handy, with all the being put on hold for ages stuff nowadays) FREE. 

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7 hours ago, Freebie said:



Hi Graham.. would the freefone number be one of these shown ? . I have to claim mine early next year.

That's the landline number. They DID have a freephone. 

However, I also have a £2.40 a month Skype subscription, which enables me to call any UK landline number 'free' for unlimited time. I mainly use it to phone my elderly mother.  

I used to call my UK bank also, using the (free) 0800 type freephone facility, on Skype.  

Hopefully the situation remains the same. At least you can sit and relax while they play music to you for the first 20 minutes. :whistling:

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