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Asin Tibuok / Traditional Salt Making


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An ex-pat friend down the highway messaged this clip to me this morn. A basic survival tradition that may very well come back into more regular use if the techno world civilizations continue on their present self-destructive courses. Well, it never hurts to learn how to survive with the old ways.


After watching the continuous stream of absurdities and trivialities that are being palmed off as news items these days, I found this uplifting to watch. 

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A fascinating story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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At our late breakfast just now, I mentioned the clip to my wife, a woman of 50+ years, raised in both Panay and Mindoro. 

She said the Tagalog word for the salt stone is 'dokdok', and as a young girl she would watch her father eat hot rice and dip it into the scrapings off it at the dinner table.  

Once when she was a little girl she grabbed it off the shelf by mistake, thinking it was a body washing stone (used by the old people instead of cloth when soap scrubbing) and complained to her mother and brother when her now irritated arm, turned bright red.... they laughed.

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