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Gov't beefs up monitoring of foreign retirees in PH

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I'm assuming this has been brought about by the cheating Chinese POGO people... 'retiring' at 35, or whatever nonsense they can get away with ? :rolleyes:

Anyway, perhaps the Phils could do with us horrid poriners showing them how to WORK and actually make some money for the country in the process, rather than staring at a phone for most of the day, or stealing the money out of the taxpayers' till.   :no:

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4 hours ago, Gator said:


the exchange of information/data will be done quarterly via electronic mail or other forms of data transmission……”

Aka the bamboo telegraph 🤣

FaceBook my friend.

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8 hours ago, Jollygoodfellow said:

The SRRV is a lifetime visa and its holders are exempt from Bureau of Immigration requirements. SRRV-holders are also eligible to work, study or invest in the Philippines. https://pra.gov.ph/

Which is what I was advised however recently it seems that Bureau of Immigration are starting to impose conditions upon the SRRV (or at least upon holders of  it)... which is exactly being "exempt from Bureau of Immigration requirements".

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