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Transfer money from Australia


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Hi Guys, First post here!

I think using an online app like Revolut allows for local Aust Bank transfers to Revolut no questions asked then the ability to make FX transfers from the Revolut app onwards including philippines...current rate as at 9-1-2022 is 1AUD to P36.74...you can also get a Revolut Visa debit card (virtual and physical) along with online 1 use expiring Visa cards...You can use the Visa Debit for ATM withdrawals overseas (with some limits depending on volumes you are withdrawing monthly).. hope this helps ...


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Welcome Boinky 69,  as I said in my last post it has nothing to do with Government restrictions, it is squarely a bank thing, them trying to make you use their transfer section by making it harder for overseas customers to use other money lenders. Well they got exposed and in Australia we have an Ombudsman that controls banking and after I explained I've talked to their complaints department and getting " sorry sir, I will look into it, " Knowing full well the problem hasn't been resolved, that's where you go. Anyway they back peddled and in a day or two I'll be sending money over, so we'll see if the complaints department have brushed up on there English and understand what is being told to them. :508: Gee it's good to get the frustration out of the system.

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