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Air BNB Trip From Hell!

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An anti climax here. So the security guards didn’t find the towel and the Chinese tourists went to the bus and I went to my room, leaving the hookers in the bar that were hoping for one last client for the morning.

The End

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On 1/3/2022 at 7:31 PM, OnMyWay said:

Prices for Philippine hotels and AirBnbs have gone up drastically

Not sure about hotels but until the typhoon hit here airbnb prices were low as no tourist and still none. The only way I can see the price rise is perhaps there are so many that left short term rental and rented out their condo for long term instead perhaps creating a smaller pool of accomodation which allowed for raising prices.

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Am on my 55th airbnb stay... most have been great with the exception of one in Sogod southern Leyte that was sooo bad ( door wouldnt lock, caretaker told us we had to buy our own toilet tissue etc etc ) and then there was the one in Oslob...


One large bed was fine, but only one dining chair, and cups and glasses for one but there were two of us, and resvn stated there were two....phone signal required a walk of 100 metres to the mango tree though the site said it " had a signal depending on the wind ", spider family in the bathroom, no chopping board, one mouldy pillow, damp bedsheets, no mirror anywhere, cold water only  and an aircon that sounded like a 1940s German tank.. very loud indeed....and for this prince of a place we paid US$ 40 per night....based on some great reviews....Booked for 9 days, left after 2,Went through the normal routine of advising owner who said everything was fine. Advised her I have photos of everything  including the fact there were people bbqing outside our front door  on what was supposedly a private space outside the property, private for us.

From there went to airbnb requesting refund and lo and behold, owner promptly  refunded me for 7 days. I didnt bother to make a review though in fairness to owner.

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4 hours ago, Freebie said:

Went through the normal routine of advising owner who said everything was fine.

I managed an airbnb condo for a British cheap skate. When I take on a condo the owners have to supply 3 sets of all linen. He gave me 2 sets I think but the towels you would not use for guests. He seemed to think it was OK to use substandard things.

He had some personal things stored under the bed which did not look good for guests. I suggested he remove or do something. He said he will build a timber base type thing to block the view but when it was done I laughed my head off because at the hardware place he spotted some cheap floor vinyl so decided he could hang that instead.

I told him guest complain there is no internet or TV even though he had a big TV. He did not want to pay for internet but later promised he would get it installed. Never did.

Eventually we had a falling out over payment. I explained many times how my billing works and when he had a month long stay he for some reason thought my charge would be basically nothing but I charge a percentage of the guests fee and being a month and high price time of year he got a good payout for the month so my fee was higher.

I confronted him about unpaid money, he had moved back into the condo himself by then and I had to cancel a booking which months down the track cost me 50 usd from airbnb.

When I confronted him he grabbed me by the shirt collar and pushed me into a darker area and held his fist up and said I'm going to smash you, you fat cu$t. I kept telling him to let me go but he wouldn't. Still calling me a fat ,, I said dont you look in the mirror ever? Anyway park security came and he let go.

A few days later he wanted to meet as I had all the linen, he said you give it back and keys and I will pay you. We meet but he then said he deducted a new lock and keys and was not going to pay me all that was owed. I gave him back his junk and he gave me some peso. I gave up as it was not worth it.

The fun of it all. :smile:

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