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11 hours ago, Canadian lumberjack said:

Yes I’m aware of this thanks, I’ve ridden in Asia for 10 years, just not in PI

Sorry CL, it's difficult to tell who know what and a lot of new posters are not just new to the Philippines but also to Asia in general.

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On 1/13/2022 at 5:13 AM, Canadian lumberjack said:

I’m wondering about the legal issues of renting and riding a motorcycle.

do I need a liscence? Will the police be stopping me?


1. ALWAYS a good idea to look at the bike, take photos or better video of you walking round the bike as you take delivery of it. That way both renter and rentee know any damage issues. Rented one in Siquijor few years back, deliverd it back to bike shop and some fool 16 year old in shop, even without looking shouts " hey you need yo pay for the damage. I replied " hey then you need to call the cops as no damage done." No further conversation ensued.


2. Licences, sometimes people ask some dont. Depends where you are what the local custom is.

3. Some ask for money upfront some dont. Some have contracts to sign or ID to take. If some one wants money in advance I make sure gf takes  a photo or video of me handing the money over. Thats saved a few issues of "sir we have no record of payment ".

4. cops...sometimes they might ask papers sometimes not. Depends where you are. Usually foreigners might get special treatment. Was stopped in Guimaras and cops wanted to take pic with me. The issue of whather i had papers or not was secondary ( No im not a rock star, theres just not many foreigners in Guimaras and basically no motorbikes for rent. I rented mine from a security guard near the ferry terminal ! )


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