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Registrar not accepting official documents

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23 minutes ago, MikeandAna said:

I thought a Singapore marriage was recognized by the immigration authorities in the Philippines

If all you want is a BB stamp to visit the Philippines then it does not matter where you get married.  I cannot imagine UK having a problem with it.

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On 3/31/2022 at 10:40 AM, MikeandAna said:

Good morning everyone. We seem to be having a problem with the local registrar here in Candijay Bohol. I’ll paste this as an explanation……..

I’m a U.K. national who married a Thai national in Thailand then immediately traveled back to the U.K. with my Thai wife. We lived and worked in the U.K. all of our marriage. And my wife obtained U.K. citizenship too.
Unfortunately our marriage broke down and we mutually agreed to divorce.
The divorce was authorised by the U.K. family court system and a decree absolute was granted in October 2016.

However I’ve traveled to the Philippines and  I’m now trying to marry in the Philippines. 
But the registrar here has some concerns if our divorce is recognised in Thailand. 
I have mentioned that Thailand does recognise a U.K. court authorised divorce under what is called “Comity” (That country respects the laws of the country where the divorce was granted.

Would you be able to confirm this by returning my email with that information and I may get your email confirmation officially notarised here in the Philippines so that I can proceed with my new marriage.

Please could you give this a priority because I have to return to the U.K. on the 16th April 2022. 
We have received confirmation from the Thai embassy in the U.K. that my divorce is recognised in Thailand.

We have also had confirmation from a local attorney who advised us that I’ve supplied the required documents to apply for a license to marry according to Philippine law and U.K. law. Even without this issue of my previous divorce being recognised.

However. It’s seemingly increasing probable that the registrar is still refusing to grant our license to marry. 
They have escalated it to their higher provincial officer. But it still doesn’t seem to satisfy this unusual request. 

Would anyone be able to give guidance on this. We really need a quick “nip in the bud”

because I really don’t want to get caught up in the legal court system of appeals.

Our alternative option is to marry in Singapore. But of course because of time scale. It’d have to be later this year. Which’s quite sad but seems to be a way of bypassing this bureaucratic red tape.   


I ran into a same problem three years ago. I finally gave up and got married in Hong Kong.  Filipino pride has something to do with not changing their minds, especially after their ego being bruised when being presented with facts. 

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