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Blocked from airline booking sites

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Anyone know why I get blocked from airline booking, example in pic below. This is Scoot but it's happened on other Airline sites over the past month. All Im doing is searching flights and prices.


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14 hours ago, Mike J said:

Thanks but none of that was the problem or solved this. I tried a different browser but its blocking my IP for some reason so browsers did not help either.

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Posted (edited)

Your IP is likely blacklisted by some security suite the website is using (if it's blacklisted on cloudflare of example, then a whole bunch of websites will consider your IP suspicious). Use a different IP. Easiest ways to do that are:

1. Use your mobile data connection instead of the wifi you're currently using. How? Activate the Mobile Hotspot on your phone (on Android, don't ask me about iPhone) and connect your laptop's wifi through that. Or just book directly on your phone while it's on mobile data.

2. Use a VPN, the quickest way to do that is the use Opera's free VPN which is built into the browser. Install Opera (on your laptop or phone or both), activate the VPN and go to the blocked sites (through Opera).

3. At times (depends on your internet provider), restarting your router may give you a different IP. So in fact try that first. Some providers give you a fixed IP though so restarting the router will not help in that case.

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One of them tec savvy trolls have got the your number JGF.

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