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Some Advice For Foreigners In The Philippines


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On 6/17/2022 at 7:20 PM, Viking said:

Nobody wants to experience that when taking a ride on the bike, but are you sure it was a real gun? Replicas are very common today and it's impossible to see if they are real or fake. I just find it kind of strange, even for the Philippines, that a kid in that age is out with a real gun.

In a situation like this we should of course always act like if it was real.

Sure looked like a real gun, plus the kid couldn't hold it out long enough because of its weight, by the time I was close he'd lowered his aim... Most likely the kid had borrowed is papas gun while he was sleeping or out and about...no use (or money) for replicas here in the middle of diddly squat... 

Either way I wasn't going to stop and check the thing out :shock_40_anim_gif:

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I think it really goes with your mentality. In my first trip to the Philippines, I was surprised on how I was able to get on. In part because I was willing not to be the "typical" foreigner but respected the culture.

So I have a friend coming to Philippines to meet his new GF. I sent him the link to this video. Better to know now... :bonk:

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