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Apple Repair in Cebu or Even the Philippines Impossible?

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I am on the hold with apple support (not U.S.) and I am being told that if an apple product needs to be repaired it is up to the local authorized repair shop whether they will do repairs or even facilitating shipping too where the repairs can be done. The istore wants to do whole unit replacement instead which means they would rather sell me a new unit instead of facilitating a simple repair. The existence of an international warranty makes no difference. I would have to physically go to a store that will do the repair, whether in Manilla or Singapore. Does anyone know of local repair shops or have other advice. 

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I have done some more research. A place called fix gadget repair was recommended for things Apple won't allow to be repaired. Haven't contacted them yet.

The local authorized stores in Cebu say that can repair computers, but no components of the motherboard or chip. Not IPAD. Not the Apple Watch. For those you are screwed so far as authorized service is concerned. I know people had things shipped out by Istore as mentioned previously in posts on forums, but I am being told by the local authorized repair centers that Apple is not allowing it. Back to computers, if something small goes wrong connected to the motherboard the whole motherboard will have to be replaced. If Apple considers the computer obsolete then the authorized centers won't help there either. I am still in fear, however, because if a authorized store doesn't want to do the repair or facilitate sending it out to be repaired, Apple will not help facilitate anything. The stores can refuse to do or facilitate repairs if they want to for no particular reason. You will be forced to call stores until you find one that will accept mail in or otherwise fly to an authorized resale, either in Manilla, or in Singapore. 

It would be great if anyone knows of competent local repair even if not authorized. The warranty is only good for one year at any rate. 

As an aside, I was specifically told by Apple representatives in the states that Apple care would apply out of country. It does not apply in the Philippines. 

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What item and what problem?  Some of the phones are very easy to repair. 

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I went to three “authorized” Apple repair centers: IT Lahug, SM Cebu, SM Seaside. None would fix it. Their remedy was to buy a new one.

I opened chat with the real Apple customer service. I explained that the authorized service centers here (PH) refused to fix the product.

They gave me a confirmation number so that when I got back to the U.S the ordeal would not have to be repeated.

I recently returned home, made an appointment at a Apple Store, they entered the above confirmation number, took it in the back and returned it fixed 30 minutes later.

So I know things change constantly here but had I known how bad it was here I would have tried only once not three times. A secondary repair service might be the key.

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