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Private Resort In Poroc Near Angeles

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We had my stepdaughter's 18 birthday party at a private resort in Poroc.  If you ever need a private resort in that area, you might want to take a look.  It is big enough for a wedding but I would only do that in the cool time of the year.  We met the owner for an ocular visit a few weeks ago.  I think she is married to a foreigner.  They built a massive big house on their large property.  I didn't go inside but it looks really nice with great quality.  Then they added a pool.  Then they added a big building next to the pool with a function room / kitchen  down and bedrooms up.  That is called Casa Gundalina 1.  Then more recently, they added Casa Gundalina 2.  It just opened in April so everything is brand new.  There are two buildings with 4 groups of rooms, really nice pool, a huge function room with kitchen, fridges, tables, etc.  The nice thing about it is that if you rent just one section of the rooms, you get the function hall and pool to yourself.  We rented one townhouse that sleeps 20 (15k), and a room that sleeps 18 (5k) for my daughter and her friends.  You might wonder how they sleep so many, but they really planned it well.  They have custom made high quality beds that a queen sized double decked, with a double/queen pullout underneath.  The other townhouse is bigger and probably sleeps 25ish.

IMG20220703154638 (2).jpg  IMG20220703154712 (2).jpg 

IMG20220703154756 (2).jpg  IMG20220703154850 (2).jpg

IMG20220703183527 (2).jpg  IMG20220703183559 (2).jpg

IMG20220703183740 (2).jpg

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