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American, lover face charges over murder of foreigner’s wife

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Article from OzeMike's post;

Parricide vs husband & lover for wife’s murder per NBI; houseboy, accomplice? check!



It was  easy enough  for the law enforcers to form a theory that husband, a senior American retiree and sweety young lover conspired to kill his wife  probably using the blunt butt his  golf set, told his houseboy to execute the crime while the victim was sleeping. Then load the body at night to their farm in Ogahong, Valencia from Sto.  Rosario Heights and buried Bella in a shallow grave (stupid boy) thinking it was a perfect crime. Wrong.

The odor of decomposing body spread throughout the neighborhood and as police found out, there was Bella’s body dumped in a shallow grave.. Afrer the NBI autopsy finding that a blunt object cracked the vcitm’s head, led from one conclusion to the other.

Result: Husband and lover girl were charged with parricide. Case  is solved. Opss not quite.They have yet to go to Court. Now it’s the lawyers’ ball game.

Because these are just theories. It must be proven In court beyond reasonable doubt. Can prosecutor prove it without the missing house boy who could have executed the crime?. Suppose the H-Boy will also be hiding in a shallow grave by now?  End of story?  Not yet if its an episode of Netflix. In Negros,  the interested parties  in desperation use EJK solution to suspects.This is common public knowledge.


Those nursing alumni batches of Bella from Silliman College of Nursing  crying for justice , must wipe their tears and  help find where the missing houseboy is otherwise it will be a perfect crime. Maybe the houseboy  is now  in some shallow grave hiding, but where? This is where manhunt needs funds. Not for placards and demonstrations. Help needed including those from  co workers of Bella at the Ace Doctors hospital 5th floor where she used to work.


By Sherlyn Abella and Lani Sioson Burgos NC STAFF

The  NBI-NegOr headed by Agent-in-Charge Atty. Ernie Jose Monsanto with agent investigator Nick Tagle will file immediately a parricide case against the two  suspects on the victim’s brutal killing named  Maribel  Bella Subteniente Glazier, 32, married to the person-in- interst  American  Daniel Glazier,  who is with two young daughters, 9 and 10 years old. They live in a plush subdivision at Sto. Rosario Heights, Junob leading to Valencia.

Bella, who just graduated nursing from Silliman University and works at the Ace Doctors  hospital in Dumaguete was described by her peers as tall, beautiful, a model and athletic sports woman. She was a member of a group called the Blackout Modelling Agency Club. Easily she was the towering model of her peers.

The suspects were identified by the NBI as Daniel Glazier, the American estranged husband of the victim and his girlfriend Charina Chan.

The National Bureau of Investigation NBI Negros released the autopsy report of Bella Thursday evening, July 21. Initially, she had a head injury and lacerated wound at the left part of her backside caused by a hard pointed object believed to be a golf club, the NBI said.


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Posted (edited)

So it is now purported the foreigner

20 hours ago, Old55 said:

. . .  told his houseboy to execute the crime while the victim was sleeping. Then load the body at night to their farm in Ogahong, Valencia from Sto.  Rosario Heights and buried Bella in a shallow grave . . .

Ahhh, such power the foreigner has over the locals.  Speak, and murder shall be accomplished.  Now I would be convinced of it if the houseboy was found in possession of a large sum of money.  I would be suspicious if his body turned up dead.  But until now, I am leaning towards the houseboy doing it for his own reasons.  Perhaps a 3 way tryst between exwife, husband, an houseboy caused a fit of jealous rage in the boy?  There ya go.  See how easy it is to come up with a movie plot, er I mean murder theory.  I like  OnMyWay's version best

On 7/24/2022 at 10:22 AM, OnMyWay said:

If he wouldn't have been in the Philippines he would not have married her and thus she would not have been where she was killed.  If he had stayed in his own country she would still be alive.

Just like a road accident.  The foreigner is guilty of causing the accident, always.  :89:


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