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BPI Online Dollar To Peso Exchange

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48 minutes ago, OnMyWay said:

BPI online is 58.10 right now.

Now BPI is 58.25.  XE is 58.39.

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You American guys should thank me.  Every time I exchange, the rate goes higher.

Yesterday, we went to the bank so my wife's sister could change $100.  I had checked the rate before we left and I think BPI online was 57.35.  I saw that XE had dropped a bit, so I told them 57.25 would be a good rate.  Initially, I did not go in the bank, and my came out to tell me that the manager offered 57.60!  We jumped on it and made a larger exchange.  Then we got home, and the online rate was 57.70, so I did another 1k.  Then the online rate closed at 57.85 last night, so I did another 1k last night.

Today, XE and BPI seemed to stabilize with BPI online at 58.25 all morning and early afternoon.  So I did another 1K at 58.25 at 2 pm.  By 3 pm BPI was at 58.30.  XE is 58.49.

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2 hours ago, OnMyWay said:

You American guys should thank me. 



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13 hours ago, OnMyWay said:

XE is 59.08.  You can get 58.85 at BPI online all night, until tomorrow morning.

XE is 59.21.  BPI will probably be over 59 today.

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