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10 hours ago, OnMyWay said:

If memory serves me correctly, most men wouldn't mind watching Elsa sing for hours and hours and hours.  Is that the same one?

I did not realize it until searching back, but Elsa is a member here.  I am not sure if she is active



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9 hours ago, Dave Hounddriver said:

Dang, my memory is getting bad.  It seems to me that Paul and I actually organized a forum get together when JGF could not make it that year. LONG time ago at a place called ?Canvas? in Ayala Mall.  If so then any of the members attending back then would know them both.  But again, memory is getting SOOO bad.

Edit:  I remember Kevin and his wife were there so maybe he can add to it.  (Although he had a few drinks so probably a worse memory than mine).


EDIT  Here is the old thread



Expensive to feed but you get warm in the winter and shade in the summer. :tongue:

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Notwithstanding all the information about Paul, and to get back on the topic.

DOES ANYONE, use a visa agent or travel agency in Manila?

Very simple question people.

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