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After making a number of inquiries around town, I finally found this professional school for learning Visayan, SpeedTalk. This school is located in the Banilad Town Center, based here in Cebu and is used by Lexmark, Accenture, Convergys and a number of companies to train their employees in various languages. They teach Chinese, English, and Visayan. Many of the Western managers are learning Visayan as a way to better communicate with their local employees.They profess to a new and unique way of learning which is more natural and faster. I'm severely language impaired and begininng the stage of memory challenge, so I knew I needed professional help. I'm a long term project but pursuing one of my my many retirement goals.I'm only in my 2nd class sufficient enough to get the feeling that it might work for me and others so I thought I would share it here. They are professional in every respect and the teachers are very very good but because of corporate customers, expensive.One of the interesting things is that they also offer semi-private (2-4) and small group instruction (5-10) at significantly lower individual costs. If there are any other members of others interested in learning we could organize and band together some day.I will share my results as I make progress and would be happy to answer any questions.

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