Carcar, Naga And Bogo, Etc Cities Status Revoked

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Carcar, Naga and Bogo Cities status revoked Cebu Daily NewsFirst Posted 14:36:00 11/19/2008MANILA, Philippines - Sixteen new cities will revert back to being municipalities after the Supreme Court declared as unconstitutional the laws that elevated them to cities in 2007.Among those affected are the cities of Carcar, Naga and Bogo, which became component cities of Cebu last year.Voting 7 to 5 with 2 abstentions, the High Court said the laws that elevated 16 municipalities to cityhood status violated the Local Government Code.In a decision penned by Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, the Supreme Court said the assailed cityhood laws could not claim they were exempted from Republic Act 9009.RA 9009, which took effect in June 2001 or six years before the cityhood laws were passed, amended Section 450 of the Local Government Code by increasing the annual income requirement for conversion of a municipality into a city from P20 million to P100 million.

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