Texas Executes Mexican After Court Stay Rejected

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Mr Lee

As quoted from the story, this one case could lead to some Americans detained in foreign countries rights under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations provision regarding the arrests of foreign nationals being lost. So while I have no pity for the guy who was executed and even admitted his guilt, them not giving him access to his possible governments help, could possibly lead to some serious problems in the future. One good thing I can say about Mr Leal, is that he took responsibility for his actions, and it would be a blessing if more people would follow his example and own up to what they do or did. Interesting that after growing up most of his life in the US, that his last words would be "Viva Mexico" so maybe it is true that we are always part of where we were born and our countries are always part of us, even if we at times talk bad about our own countries and do not like what our governments do?

Mexico, the Obama administration and others had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to delay Leal's execution so Congress could consider a law that would require court reviews in cases where condemned foreign nationals did not receive help from their consulates. They said the case could affect not only foreigners in the U.S. but Americans detained in other countries.
Texas executed a Mexican citizen Thursday for the rape-slaying of a teenager after he and the White House pleaded in vain for a Supreme Court stay, saying he was denied help from his home country that could have helped him avoid the death penalty.In his last minutes, Humberto Leal repeatedly said he was sorry and accepted responsibility."I have hurt a lot of people. ... I take full blame for everything. I am sorry for what I did," he said in the death chamber."One more thing," he said as the drugs began taking effect. Then he shouted twice, "Viva Mexico!"The complete story HERE
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