Proposed Australian Law Would Make Muslim

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Mr Lee

Seems perfectly reasonable to me, and since the law was proposed because one of their own got away with a crime because she did not have to lift her veil, I think they should blame her if it passes and stop claiming it is racism. If Ms. Matthews had served her six month sentence instead of her once again hiding behind her veil, then most likely none of this would have been proposed. I think it should be a world wide law that everyone has to show their face, with the possible exceptions of within Muslim countries. Racism or common sense?

The laws were motivated by the bungled prosecution of Carnita Matthews, a 47-year-old Muslim mother of seven who was booked by a highway patrolman for a minor traffic violation in Sydney in June last year.An official complaint was made in Matthews' name against Senior Constable Paul Fogarty, the policeman who gave her the ticket. The complaint accused Fogarty of racism and of attempting to tear off her veil during their roadside encounter.Unknown to Matthews, the encounter was recorded by a camera inside Fogarty's squad car. The video footage showed her aggressively berating a restrained Fogarty and did not support her claim that he tried to grab her veil before she reluctantly and angrily lifted it to show her face.Matthews was sentenced in November to six months in jail for making a deliberately false statement to police.But that conviction and sentence were quashed on appeal last month without her serving any time in jail because a judge was not convinced that it was Matthews who signed the false statutory declaration. The woman who signed the document had worn a burqa and a justice of the peace who witnessed the signing had not looked beneath the veil to confirm her identity.

The complete story can be read HERE

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