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Mike S

Lto Violations & Fines

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. I have a copy of this in my SUV so just in case I get stopped I can pull out this paper and at least appear to be knowledgeable ..... someon got stopped for not having a OR/CR on a rental motor bike and the cop wanted p1200 of which he could pay the fine now ...... look down the list and just see what the fine actually was ..... amazing ..... simply amazing ..... just don't get smart with them just show them what the real cost is ..... :mocking: :mocking: ........ :cheersty:

Violations In Connection With Licenses and fines in pesos

1 Driving without a license 750

2 Driving with a delinquent, invalid, suspended ineffectual of revoked license 300

3A Failure to show or surrender license 150

3B Failure to carry driver's license 150

3C Failure to sign driver's license 150

4 Driving while under the influence of liquor or prohibited drugs 2000

5 Allowing an unlicensed/improperly licensed person to drive 750

6 Fake or counterfeit license 1500

7 Allowing another person to use his/her license 500

8 Using a motor vehicle in the commission of a crime 1500

9 A student driver operating motor vehicle w/o being accompanied by a licensed driver 200

10 Unlicensed conductor 300

T16 Expired driver's license 375

Violations In Connection With Motor Vehicle Registration

11 Unregistered/improperly registered/delinquent or invalid registration 900

(Driver & Operator Each Pay P450)

12A Unregistered substitute or replacement engine 500

12B Unauthorized change of color or configuration 50

13 Certificate of registration and official receipt not carried 150

14 Operating/allowing the operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended/revoked certificate of registration 450

15 Tourist operating a non-Philippine registered vehicle beyond 90 day period 1500

Violations In Connection With Plates And Stickers

16A Plates not firmly attached and visible 150

16B Dirty of uncared for plates 150

16C Unconspicuously displayed plates 150

16D No sticker 150

17 License plate different from body number on for-hire vehicle 450

18 Removing permanent plates to accomodate commemorative plates 200

19 Expired commemorative plates/stickers 200

20 Tampered/marked plate or stickers 300

21 Illegal transfer of plates, tags, or stickers 7500

21B Illegal transfer and use of plates/tags or stickers in the commission of a crime 10000

72 Illegal use of commemorative plates without proper authority 5000

73 Without conduction stickers 750

T14 No sticker showing the correct year 150

Violations Relative to Motor Vehicle Parts, Accessories, Markings

22A Motor vehicle with metallic wheels 150

22B Defective brakes 150

22C Improper horn or signalling device (exceptionally loud, startling, or disgreeable) 150

22D Defective horn or signalling device 150

22E Carrying red lights visible in front of vehicles 150

22F No or defective headlights 150

22G No or defective taillights 150

22H No red rear lights 150

22I No license plate lights 150

22J No brake (stop) lights 150

22K No or defective windshield wipers 150

22L No or disconnected muffler 150

23 Dirty and unsightly or dilapidated motor vehicle 150

24 Failure to paint or improper painting of authorized route (jeepneys) 375

25 Non-painting of business name or trade name on vehicle used for business purpose 150

26A Unauthorized improvised number plates 150

26B If plates are made to appear as registered to operate as FOR HIRE 150

36 Failure to put "NOT FOR HIRE" sign on jeepney/jitney not operated FOR HIRE 300

75 Unlawful use or attachment of siren/bell/horn/whistle/gadget that produces exceptionally loud or startling sound, including domelights, blinkers, and similar signaling/flashing devices 600

76 Glaring front or rear body parts and/or sporting dazzling accessories 500

77 Operation of vehicles with right-hand steering wheel 50000

Violations Relative to For-Hire Motor Vehicle Parts, Accessories

27A Dirty and unsanitary equipment 150

27B Defective Equipment (not roadworthy) 150

27C No handbrakes 150

27D Defective handbrakes 150

27E No or defective speedometer 150

27F Defective or broken windshield 150

27G No or defective windshield wipers 150

27H No rear view mirror 150

27I No interior lights 150

28 No name or business name and address on vehicle 150

29 No spare tire 150

30 Unauthorized bell, siren, or exhaust whistle 150

31 No red flag or red lights on projecting load 150

32 No body number on vehicle 375

33 No Early Warning Device 100

33B Failure to install EWD 4 meters away to the front and back of stalled vehicle 300

34 No capacity markings 150

35 Installation of jalousies, curtains, dim lights, strobelights, or similar lights/tinted, colored / painted windshield 500

10B Failure to post signage instructing passengers to FASTEN SEAT BELTS

[Driver-P300.00] [Operator-P300.00] 600

10C For any infraction to retrofit with/install required seatbelt/anchorage/seat orientation as prescribed (1st offense) 1000

10C (2nd offense) 2000

10C (3rd offense) 3000

39 Out of Line - Operating outside its authorized route 500

Weights and Load Limits

37 Load extended beyond projected width without permit 200

38 Overloading 150

38A Operating a vehicle in excess of limits 150

38B Total weight of cargo carrying device or passenger truck in excess of 100 kilos 150

38C Allowing load in excess of its carrying capacity 300

[ Conductor-P150 ] [ Driver-P150 ]

38D Baggage or freight carried on top of truck exceeds 20KGs/SQ M and not distributed properly 150

T28 Unsafe load 500

Prohibited or Illegal Operation

40 Colorum operation (1st Offense: Driver-P500, Operator-P1000) 1500

40 Colorum operation (2nd Offense: Driver-P750, Operator-P2000) 2750

40 Colorum operation (3rd Offense: Driver-P1000, Operator-P3000) 4000

41A Colorum operation or private use despite suspended CR 1000

T02 Operating truck during truck ban 200

Breach of Condition of Franchise and Related Violations

42 Employing insolent, discourteous or arrogant drivers or conductors 400

43 Refusal to convey passengers to proper destination (trip cutting) 1000

44 Refusal to render service to the public [ Driver-P1000 ] [ Operator-P1000 ] 2000

45 No issuance of fare ticket on bus [ Conductor-P375 ] [ Operator-P375 ] 750

46 Unauthorized commercial or business name, allowing another to use his commercial or business name 375

47 Undue preference or unjust discrimination [ Driver-P375 ] [ Operator-P375 ] 750

48 Overcharging/Undercharging 1000

[ Driver/Conductor-P500 ] [ Operator/Owner-P500 ]

49 Breach of franchise conditions 375

50 No franchise/certificate of public conveyance or evidence of franchise in the motor vehicle 375

Fraud and Falsities

51 Fake license, identification card, or permit 2000

52 Fake CR, OR, plates, tags, or stickers, or spurious documents 3000

[ Driver-P1000 ] [ Operator-P2000 ]

53 Misrepresenting a copy of a document before Traffic Adjudication Service(TAS) 1000

Parking Violations

54A1 Parking within an intersection 150

54A2 Parking on a crosswalk 150

54A3 Parking within 6 meters of the intersection of curb lines 150

54A4 Parking within 4 meters of the driveway entrance to any fire station 150

54A5 Parking within 4 meters of a fire hydrant 150

54A6 Parking in front of a private driveway 150

54A7 Double parking 150

54A8 Parking at any place where official signs are posted prohibited parking 150

Other Violations

68A Illegal turn 150

68B Driving against traffic 150

68C Illegal overtaking 150

68D Overtaking at an unsafe distance 150

68E Cutting an overtaken vehicle 150

68F Failure to give way to an overtaking vehicle 150

68G Increasing speed when being overtaken before the overtaking vehicle has completely passed 150

68H Overtaking when left side is not visible or clear of incoming traffic 150

68I Overtaking on a crest of a grade 150

68J Overtaking on a curve 150

68K Overtaking at a railwaygrade crossing 150

68L Overtaking in an intersection 150

68M Overtaking between MEN WORKING or CAUTION signs 150

68N Overtaking in a NO OVERTAKING zone 150

68O Failure to yield right of way (same time rule) 150

68P Failure to yield to the right of way (first at intersection rule) 150

68Q Failure to yield to pedestrians at a crosswalk 150

68R Failure to come to a complete stop on a through street or railroad crossing 150

68S Failure to yield to the right of way coming from a private road or driveway 150

68T Failure to yield to the right of way of an ambulance, police car, or fire dept vehicle 150

68U Failure to come to a complete stop on a through highway or stop intersection 150

68V Failure to give proper turn/stop signals 150

68W Illegal right turn 150

68X Illegal left turn 150

68Y Failure to stop motor vehicle and apply handbrake when left unattended 150

68Z Obstruction to traffic 150

10A Failure to wear the prescribed seat belt devices and/or failure to require passengers to wear prescribed seatbelt

1st Offense [ Driver-P250.00 ] [ Operator-P250.00 ] 500

2nd Offense [ Driver-P500.00 ] [ Operator-P500.00 ] 750

3rd Offense [ Driver-P1000.00 ] [ Operator-P1000.00 ] 1000

54B Allowing a passenger on top or on the cover of a vehicle 150

54C Permitting a passenger to ride on the running board, step board, or mudguard of a vehicle 150

54D Arrogance or discourtesy 150

54E Disregarding traffic signs 150

54F No helmet when driving or riding a motorcycle 150

55 Reckless driving (1st offense) 500

55 Reckless driving (2nd offense) 750

55 Reckless driving (3rd offense) 1000

56 Failure to dim headlights 150

57 Use of slippers or sleeveless shirts when driving a FOR HIRE vehicle 100

58A Driving or parking in a place not designed for parking or driving (i.e. sidewalks, alleys, etc.) 150

58B Failure to give way to police, fire department vehicles or ambulances 100

58C Hitching-permitting any person to hang onto or ride on the outside of a vehicle such as a person on a bicycle/skateboard/roller skates 100

74 Smoke Belching (1st Offense) 1000

74 Smoke Belching (2nd Offense) 3000

74 Smoke Belching (3rd Offense) 5000

T26 Disregarding traffic officer 500

Taxi Unit Violations

59 Fast, tampered, defective, or no operating taximeters (1st offense) 4500

[ Driver-P2000.00 ] [ Operator-P2500.00 ]

59 Fast, tampered, defective, or no operating taximeters (2nd offense) 5500

[ Driver-P3000.00 ] [ Operator-P2500.00 ]

59 Fast, tampered, defective, or no operating taximeters (3rd offense) 7500

[ Driver-P5000.00 ] [ Operator-P2500.00 ]

60 Tampered, broken, joined, reconnected, fake or altered sealing wire 2000

[ Driver-P1000.00 ] [ Operator-P1000.00 ]

61 Refusal to render service to the public/convey passenger to destination [ Driver-P1000.00 ] [ Operator-P1000.00 ] 2000

62A Violation of color scheme. Adoption of new color design w/o authority 375

62B Unregistered or unauthorized trade/business name or its unauthorized use 375

62C No body number 375

62D Old meter, transmission seal or triplex seal 375

62E Loose triplex seal 375

62F Flagged up taxi meter/Operating on contractual basis 500

63 No taxi driver's uniform 100

64 No taximeter [ Driver-P1000.00 ] [ Operator-P1000 ] 2000

65 Installing air-conditioning unit w/o authority 750

65B Failure to paint AIRCON on taxi unit 750

66A Failure to provide light on taximeter 150

66B Failure to provide top light indicating availability 150

66C Failure to provide clean seat covers 150

67 Failure of owner/operator to paint his name and address on the unit 150

Copyright © 2008 Land Transportation Office

Edited by Mike S
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Mike, wana play a game?

Pick one favorite;

Pick one that in the history of Philippines has never been ticketed;

Make up one not listed;

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When I was living and working in the Philippines many years ago, we were told that the police can not take the license from you. We were told to show a copy of a law stating that the license is a personal possesion and can not be taken. However, I lost it atleast two times and had to go pay the fine. ;)

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When I was living and working in the Philippines many years ago, we were told that the police can not take the license from you. We were told to show a copy of a law stating that the license is a personal possesion and can not be taken. However, I lost it atleast two times and had to go pay the fine. ;)

Hello S123,

You're absolutely right! I have the pleasure of meeting a Filipino lawyer and a formal NBI agent who is actually my good

friend and neighbor. His explicit instructions as follows:

-When stopped, give courtesy and respect

-When asked for a driver's licence, the PNP is NOT allowed to physically hold it.

-When asked to follow him to his car or corner, lock your vehicle.....his partner may attempt to plant some evidence inside.

-You have the right to refuse to have them search your vehicle, including the trunk, unless they have a warrant.

Thank you Mike S for the hit list. I'm going to laminate mine.......he, he.

Respectfully -- Jake

Edited by Jake
Added more bullets
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That's not a list! It's a bible!!! Or as long as one at any rate! Not sure my glove box is big enough to fit a list that long!

Still fasinating information, and I will print it out!

Would be interested to know where it came from, and if there is an "official document" where they are listed as it might leave a better impression if it looked more official.

Great stuff, thanks

Papa Carl

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This would never happen in my fine country :hystery:

In the ‘70’s there was a famous speed trap in town of Ludowici, Georgia (pop 1000). Before the interstate was built, three highways ran through the town. The cops set up a traffic light in the middle of the town and connected it to a switch in a near-by barber shop so they could change the light from green to red instantly. There was a short-cut detour around the light known to the locals, so only “out-of-towners” got stopped.

Most famous was a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, which made itself into a “village” in 1947 occupying 3 blocks of U.S Route 40. The village had 60 residents, 14 of which were policemen. The “village” earned $400,000 annually in traffic stops – some for speeding but most from broken tail lights, illegal tinting, etc. It took a specific act of the Ohio legislature to disband the “village”.

Hmmmm … I wonder where the bad Filipino cops get their ideas. :1 (103):

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Hmmmm … I wonder where the bad Filipino cops get their ideas. :1 (103):

Don't worry! There was a good spanish influence before the US got their say ;)

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-When asked for a driver's licence, the PNP is NOT allowed to physically hold it.

I don't believe that is correct, at least according to this. The police are legally empowered to confiscate the license and issue a receipt authorizing you to drive good for 72 hours. How could they even effect a traffic stop and check if your license is valid if they can't physically hold it? There's a lot of discussion and misinformation about this but the law seems clear.

When I got my driver's license I was also issued an Official Receipt, it's the same form used as an OR of a vehicle but it stipulates it's for a DL. I was told (not by an official) if stopped by the police I should give them that form, not the DL. If I didn't have the OR, they would take and hold the license but I'm not sure if that is true. I don't drive that much here but when I do the last thing I am worried about is the police. I don't expect much help from them either.

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Interesting ...... I read else where to make a copy of the receipt and NEVER NEVER loose it as that is the only thing that tells for sure that your license is real and not a fake ..... I was told that they can duplicate the license with out to much problem but the official number on the receipt will tell them if it is real or not ...... and I was also told you need the receipt to renew your license when it expires ............ but as I said I only read this on another forum so nothing official to back it up ..... but I did make a laminated copy of the receipt and keep it in the glove box ............ you can't have to many back-up copies of anything here in the Phils .. IMHO ...... :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: ............. :cheersty:

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The Copyright is 2008 so its 4 years old. I believe some of the fines have increased since this list was made. For example 54F No Helmet lists P150. I believe the fine is P600 now and will be P1000 when the new helmet requirement goes into effect on January 1st. You will need an approved helmet then with a sticker.

I believe its your foreign Driver License that the LTO and PNP cannot take. They can't take your Passport either. Those are foreign documents. They can confiscate your Filipino Driver License until you pay your fine.

Edited by Americano
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