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3 Months On...



After some personal dramas and trauma I decided 3 months ago to 'get fit'. Started walking and bought a multi gym. 3 months on and there have been benefits. Lost weight, put on some muscle mass. Not intending to be The Hulk, just building strength and toning up...

Anyway, up and out by 5am onto highway for a good hours plus brisk walking. Breakfast on return then a nap for 30 mins or so. In the early stages the shock to the system caused me to actually nap for 5 hours on one occassion!! Now, barely need a nap at all.

In afternoon got on my gym. Initially the routine I set took me 3 and a half hours, now doing it in 2 and a half and gradually adding a little extra.

So, after the first 3 months I can tell you I feel great. Bags of energy, not always feeling lifeless and down.

Other benefits include meeting fellow walkers, joggers and cyclists in the morning. Having a banter with them and a few high 5's thrown in. It's great to hit the highway and feel the breeze in your face.

One thing makes me smile to myself. Joy often accompanies me and it's amusing to see the ogling she gets from other blokes....understandable, she's beautiful.

Well, have to move on, got a gym session to start.


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Hey Roy,good to see you with your first blog.Now as for fitness,I have started too. About 2 months ago I purchased my walking shoes but so far I haven't put a foot in them.

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Hi Tom.....Is BLOG acronym for Bloody Load Of Garbage?So not tried the new shoes...hmmm....Seems you got off on the wrong foot...

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exercise is the way to stay young. I exercise & lift weights a few times a week except when I was out of order for a while & now getting back into shape. keep up the good work

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