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I have sponsored two young ladies to go to college there in the Philipinnes. Both were cam girls (I know scammers right?) Well one went for one semester then dropped out, but not before I had sent her tution for the next semester. The other young lady is in her first semester of her third year and soon will be starting her second semester. So I figure one out of two is not a bad average 50% considering I have never met either one except online. I know how hard it is for the average filipino to send their children to secondary school let alone college. I talk to her every week via interent to see how things are going. I'm by no means rich, and yes I'm married with four adult kids, and six grandchildren. Helped put my granddaughter through college and she graduated this year.Helped one grandson but he dropped out. Also my wife knows that I am doing this and doesn't approve or disapprove, saying it is up to me. Just hopeing that Ligaya can keep her focus and will continue until she graduates. Not all of us are ugly americans, ok maybe ugly but we still have compassion.

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i am bob


You know the old saying? "You only get out of life what you put into it".. I think you are going to get a lot!

Well done, sir!

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"Both were cam girls (I know scammers right?)"

Well. I see it as a just a warning sign, but NOT as a proof they are scammers.

I know two a bit, NOT by being customer  :))  but get to know them some other ways.

/One is very serrious  - but some lazy   :)   But she has quit webcam work and moved home to province and work with sell work.

/The other is forced into webcam work, she did found only part time maid work earlier, which isn't enough salary to survive for she and her daughter (Father to daughter don't send any money).  She is/was a litle bit "scammer" but just trying to get customers to the webcam business, that's why I know she had that work  :)

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Update found out the student has been living with another lady while still saying she was living in a boarding house. Found out she has been holding out on male friendship(boyfriend?). Has only one year of school left, however she has placed that in jepordy. Having second throughts about supporting her education goals. Any comments?????????????

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