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Brisbane Floods



My home the city of Brisbane is flooding in some areas,its been raining for about 24 hours now and most heavy fall were last night and early this morning. Its still raining now.

For me its not really a bother except my job was canceled about 5.30 am,just after I got up,wish I knew before getting up :(

While watching the TV news seeing houses flooded and cars,machinery etc wrecked it brings a thought about those who were flooded out in Manila and other parts of the country,its bad enough to be in a situation like that here but those poor people who lost all they had with little hope of ever regaining their worldly possessions.

Life sucks at times.

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Dave Hounddriver


It looks like the date on this blog is October 2010 and I know there is a severe flood in Brisbane in January 2011. In a novel they would call this foreshadowing? You have my best wishes and hopes things will dry up soon.

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