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Not that it is any of our business what the Philippine govt does, but I thought this to be an interesting twist of events. It seems from the story that GMA prevented others who were under investigation or charged with crimes from leaving the country by putting them on a watch list order, and now she is getting shafted by a law she and her govt apparently used quite a bit during her administration, so it now seems that the repercussions of the supreme court reversing it could possibly be endless problems for her and those in her govt that used it against others. So it appears that she might lose either way if the order is overturned. Boy what a corner to end up boxed into. Gloria Arroyo stopped a woman, with an illness and a case just like hers, from leaving the country for four years Santos said that if the SC rules in Arroyo’s favor, the other “victims” of Watchlist Orders could use the court ruling to file a damage suit against Mrs Arroyo and her former justice secretaries who had prevented them from traveling abroad even though they knew that Watchlist Orders violated the Constitution. She said that after all, the Justice Secretary is the alter ego of the President and acts on her behalf.

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