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Gunna tell ya somethin about being Aussie down under. We're real friendly and will call you "mate or cobber" and greet you with a cheery "G'day". "Fair dinkum" being Australian doesn't mean that I'm not educated. I may say "ridgie didge & dinky di" and "no worries" & I may even be "as happy as larry".All alcohol is "Grog" and I'll share a "cuppa & a bickie", or invite you over for a barbie to have some "tucker" to splash with "dead horse" & I might also wear "thongs" on my feet and by "crikey'" that's all okay.If you hear an Aussie say "fair dinkum you give me the irrits" then they've "flipped their lid" & you'd better "stand from under". So if you understood all that or you're "true blue" & proud to be an Aussie "sheila"or "bloke" then click 'LIKE' this post. Then go walk about and we know whose got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock! :89:

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