The Proposed Philippine Immigration Act Of 2009.

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Passage and signing of the proposed Philippine Immigration Act of 2009.http://www.senate.go...1221310729!.pdfApproval of New Philippine Immigration Law PushedThis is just part of the article, but it seems it may improve things in the Philippines down the road concerning immigration in this country! Will this passing of this Immigration Act affect any of us or is this just for big government to abuse? Maybe not, but maybe your Filipina spouses and your children may benefit from it's passing! Read more from this site to see what else you can get out of the article, since I only briefly read it myself and give us any opinions you may have on this subject.http://digitaljourna.../article/285834MANILA – Various sectors, including Congress and the union of government employees belonging to the Bureau of Immigration, have collectively called of the immediate passage and signing of the proposed Philippine Immigration Act of 2009.Certified urgent by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the House version was approved last December in the final reading while the Senate report has yet to pass the third reading.If approved, the new law would replace the pre-war immigration statute enacted in 1940.The first attempt to amend the antiquated immigration law was made during the watch of President Corazon Aquino (1986-1992) but it did not take off due to other legislative priorities.Under the regionalization plan, the bureau's intelligence, legal, enforcement, and visa functions are transferred to the newly-organized IAOs, making it convenient for foreigners residing in the provinces to directly transact with the decentralized regional officers instead of conducting business in Manila.I also added another article when the Immigration Act of 2009 was supposed to have been ratified last year in June which mainly pertained to the the administration and enforcement of immigration, alien registration, citizenship, and naturalization laws.http://globalnation....ion-act-in-June

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