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OK guys, mates and blokes..... I am heading out to the airport for my 8th trip. If the plane should have to make a 'water landing' (read CRASH) and I shall not make it, I hereby leave Art to Jake, Jake to Bundy and as for Tom.... well I am sure he will be fine... just fine...As usual, in all past trips, I shall be traveling under my alter ego / alias (Mr. Lee). It is always heart warming to stop in Makati when passsing thru and to be warmly greeted by the nice women walking along the street... Hey! Mr. Lee is back! How long you stay? I hungry, you buy dinner again?I shall be in Samar on the 20th late (providing no water landings) and then back to the usual grind..... I shall be posting some pics and updates on how the medical work and boarding house is progressing..... TRY to get along and save some pissing contests for me to participate in.....

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