Interesting People You Meet ... No Not Foreigners

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Mike S
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Sometimes when you least expect it you meet the most interesting local people ..... while sitting in the food court in Robinsons an elderly couple sat down at the table where I was while waiting for my asawa to get done window shopping ..... he asked me where I was from in perfect English .... I said Florida and they both laughed and said they had just come back from Florida where they were on vacation visiting some family members ...... so we chatted a bit about Florida and the Philippines ... Cebu in particular ...... and were having a great time ..... he told me he had met his wife while he was working for Getty Oil co ..... and we chatted a bit about that ..... I assumed he worked in the plant or something ...... later on he started telling me about John Paul Getty and some of the strange stuff he did (he was rather tight .... and could make a penny squeal) so I guess I looked kinda puzzled so he told me he had been an executive with Getty Oil ...... his wife then asked me if I could guess how old he was .... I said "about 60" they both roared .... he said "well I went to the US when I was 22 and that was in 1947 ..... I was floored ..... I said you sure don't look it and he said that's because my wife is a doctor and takes good care of me ..... :thumbsup: :7_4_17[1]: and here I thought I was just talking to a regular older Filipino couple just out for an afternoon ..... I later learned that they had 2 daughters both in the US who were both lawyers ..... very very nice down to earth couple ....My only regret was I never got his phone number .... I would have liked to stay in contact with them .... with his sharp mind and great english speaking skills and the fact that he was a young man when WW II broke out here in the Philippines .... I could have maybe learned a lot of what life was like back then .... but guess it was not to be as I have no way of contacting them again .....Well I thought it was interesting anyway ..... :gday: :dance:Have you had an interesting experience meeting someone here in the Phils???????

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