Sending Packages By U.s.postal Service

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I'm sending a used Netbook PC(10" long) via the U.S. postal service. I don't wNT TO KNOW HOW LONG(VIA AIR MAIL) it takes or what it costs. I want to know what the label on the outside should say(if anything; it's by registered mail) to discourage anyone from opening it(customs? thieves?)

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In my opinion, bad idea to send via USPS. Chances are the receiver will be hit with import customs duty fee's. They assess the value at like 50% of the retail cost of the notebook. Gets very expensive very fast. Same with FedEx or UPS.The best luck I have had shipping laptops has been through LBC. They collect the custom fee when you ship. $44 for a laptop.http://www.lbcexpres...xableitems.aspxAir shipment is $25 for the first 6 pounds. Then it is $5 for every pound over that. Takes 7 to 10 days with a tracking number. If you have a branch close by, it is your best option.Just noticed you are located in Thailand? Are you sending to an APO-FPO type address?

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