Extra Ss Retirement Benefits For Military Retirees

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Just found this out from a fellow veteran who just applied for his SS retirement:http://www.ssa.gov/retire2/military.htmExtra couple hundred bucks or more.......

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The website SS article said that it was all automatically computed by the time one applys for their benefits prior to being 62. What I don't get is though, the "Extra SS Retirement Benefits For Military Retirees"! It sure was different in my case as a military reservist combined civil service employee aka an (ART) Air Reserve Technician where my pension affected my Social Security computation by what they call a government offset reducing the amount by 60% I will receive from Social Security at age 62! Sure enough, all I got was chump change, but it was still icing on the cake to my other 3 government pensions and that's probably why for the low SS pension computation, because I'm a quadruple-dipper instead of your average government retired military & Civil Service double-dipper! It's OK though, I'm not complaining much, because we do live well in the Philippines, for now that is because not knowing what will happen after the Presidential election has it's uncertainties on all of our U.S. benefits and hearing about all of the proposed budget cuts here and there just makes me wonder where all this is going and how it's going to affect us all overseas let alone those in the U.S.!

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