How Does Your City Treat You?

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Today the mayor of Tagaytay invited 150 of us expats and our families to a BBQ. It was in a place called Nurture Spa (owned by a Phil/Brit couple and like a little chunk of the garden of Eden) A great day out, open bar, great food, meeting new people in idyllic surroundings.It was "International friendship day" The British Ambassador came there was lots of hand shaking but also a few new friends met. (i hope)The mayor, during his speech said it was about promoting Tagaytay as a retirement destination. Having only lived here for 6 months i don't feel i am qualified to recommend it yet. Maybe a typhoon season may change my mind but i love the place.Anyway this is kind of butting into the "where would you live" threads but i wonder if any other Cities treat their foreign guests quite so well?

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Posted complains, nothing such as the lavish treat you got in Tagaytay (which is a great place to stay and do not worry for anything there) but whenever i go to the municipal hall or any other local public establishments people are corteous and i always get the extra service because a kano and never got charged or expected to pay anything more than the filipinos do. I am happy here.

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