Urgent: A+ Blood Needed In Cebu

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A+ is needed by a guy I currently only know as Dennis. He is a Dutch National, so he shouldn't be too difficult to sort out, if you go to Cebu South Doctor's Hospital, which is where I believe him to be now, located in Talisay City. Here is the thread where I am requesting further information: http://holland-philippines.info/smf/index.php?topic=6596I'm sorry I put this here, but I do not have access to place this in "Special Announcements" or I would have. If someone would, please move it to that forum, or wherever Tom deems is the place for urgent messages.I will update this thread, as long as I have access to the topic, as soon as I have further information. In the mean time, if anyone on this forum has Type A+ Blood, please consider helping another person who needs you right now.UPDATE: They have one donor already, but may need as much as two (2) more units, from donors. If you can help, please do.

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http://globalnation.inquirer.net/cebudaily...tabbed-in-Argao Dennis Van Westerop, 38 suffered gunshot wounds in the right shoulder, arm and back.Here is a note I just received from a member of the Holland-Philippines Forum: --------------------Yes Paul the blood he need is A positief i was in the hospital to visit him and give blood but i have to high presure blood so the hospital wil not take the risk. And his name is Dennis van Westerop and he is in Cebu Doctors South Hospital just before Naga on room 306.Thank's for you mail hope someone can help him.Ben&Flor Degenaars--------------------
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