Isla Hayahay, Bohol

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My wife and I went there on Tuesday. Ferry from pier 3 in Cebu to Tubigon. We took the slow ferry to(150-180 peso each, 2 hrs+), and fast ferry back(200-260 peso each, 50 min). If you fancy a nice breeze and view, take the slow ferry. If you like aircon and tempo, chose the fast one. Most people going to Bohol stay at Alona beach, Panglao Island. Isla Hayahay is north west of Bohol, about 30 minutes from Tubigon. I had no idea of the place until I checked Tripadvisor and found out all the reviews(not too many) so far have given them top score and placed them 3rd of 40 hotels in Bohol. That doesn't mean they serve champagne and caviar on arrival and that the toilet seat is made of gold, but that it's still a wonderful place to stay in many's opinion.They picked us up at the pier, two smiling emplyoees with the laidback Bohol attitude. The van took us along the shore westbound for 15 minutes, then turned right and on a small causeway connecting Pangasan island to Bohol. That road is not so good, but you'll get there in another 15 minutes. Parking at the lobby, our first impression was great. There are 12 rooms connected, so this is not a big resort. We strolled the few meters to a lovely sundeck where you find a few tables, the bar, 2-3 hammocks and a lovely view. There is an open lobby where you can watch TV and pick from a quite large collection of DVDs, or rent equipment for diving or snorkling. Our room was nice and spacy. Spotlessly clean, aircon and hot and cold water. A closet and cable TV. Also a nice porch outside. If you bring Smartbro you are able to get GPRS here, but it's extremely slow.Rates are 1400 a night per room, no meals included. We decided to have the 2 nights/3 days package for 9000 in total for the both of us. Well, description in the thread says cheap and some may think not, but remember it included room, full board with three meals, transport to pier or airport, and a full day of sightseeing. Our sightseeing started the next day and included the caves, the python, Loboc River Cruise, Tarsier watching and Chocolate hills. Everything included and you don't have to hassle around. Leave your brain behind and be a real tourist. If you want to go on your own, the python and caves can easily be missed. If you don't want a package, just go with the regular rate, and check their reasonable menu on their website below.The other guests and staff greated us with smiles. This is not a place you hardly nod to your neighbour. You have your breakfast with them, share a bottle of wine or two for dinner at night and solve the universal problems over the last brandy. We got to know a lovely filipina-canadian couple, her sister and daughter.The deck is wonderful for all meals, or simply lie down in the hammock with a SMB for 33 peso. They'll ask you when you want to eat, and don't you worry a second about the food and value. We had the most marvellous meals we've had in RP so far. Including the largest Tiger prawns I've seen - they don't seem to save on the food once you've paid the package. Want your own wine? I brought a lovely Barolo 1998 and shared it with the canadian, and they didn't charge anything for that. Even lend us the glasses and let us chill it down to 18-20 degrees. You can also have them take you out to their raft with roof in the small bay having your meal, at no extra cost. Now that will score a few romantic points for you. If you have some special food requests, you can email in advance and everything will be to your satisfaction. I have gluten intolerance and the cook took care of that for me.This is quite a charming little resort where you can bring your partner out for a couple of romantic days. You won't find any discos there, but the stars are larger than I've seen anywhere before. Downside is there is not really a nice beach, but bring on your flip-flops and you can easily have a swim there. If you fancy diving or snorkling, they can offer this as well.Website is on,Lars


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