Cebu City Sleeps, Or Does It

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Cebu City sleeps, or does itI woke this morning and turned on the TV and low and behold, nothing, no local channels, zip, zilch, nothing. So I walked out onto our patio and looked out to Escario street and there was traffic, jeepneys, and taxis, so the city was not totally asleep and the world did not end, Thank God. SugarwareZ-005.gif Later on two local channels came on and I suspect that more will be on as the day goes on. Good thing for cable TV. SugarwareZ-004.gif So I am wondering, how about other cities? Anyone out there from other places besides Cebu who would like to report in and let us know if the whole Philippines is sleeping or is there life out there somewhere????BTW, I can't wait to see if Black Saturday really ends up working or should I say, not working???I sure hope some restaurants are open later today SugarwareZ-047.gif :23_11_60[2]: or we might actually break down and have to eat dinner at home. :23_11_60[2]:

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