Video Camera In Car, Air Rifles

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Guy F.

Two topics for the price of one!


You have seen videos of the recent meteor explosion in Russia. The reason there are so many videos of that event is that dashboard video cameras have become popular in Russia as a way to combat insurance scammers and so on. When I move to the PI and get a car I want to have a concealed video camera installed. If there is an accident which is my fault no one would need to know about the camera. If there is an incident in which the existence of video would benefit me, it would be there. What do you all think of that idea?


What can you tell me regarding the legality of air rifles in the Philippines? I like to take target practice with same, and I use one to control the rabbit population on my property. I think an air rifle would be an effective tool for rat control in the PI. For those of you who dont know, an air rifle or pistol uses compressed air to shoot .17 caliber lead pellets or BBs.



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