Boracay Beach Is Overrated? Where To Stay? What To Do?

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A male friend from Iloilo wants to go to Boracay (I think he wants to go whoring, but since this is a family site let's not get into these details).  I'll travel to his town and from there we'll take his nice modern car to Boracay, which apparently is not serviced by an airport and takes 6+ hours to get to from Iloilo.


Once there, where should I stay?  Apparently there's three 'zones' and the 'luxury' zone is zone 1.  I suppose I'd like to stay at the 'luxury' zone.  And advice appreciated.


Further, once there, I imagine (never having been there) it will be like Phuket or Pattaya, Thailand?  Lots of trannies and hookers plying their trade?  Ugh.  I've been there, done that (them, the hooker, I think she was not a trannie but it's literally impossible to tell in Thailand, after surgery), and don't care to repeat that.  So, what to do in Boracay?  Probably get drunk on the beach on overpriced drinks?  


Anybody care to share their Boracay beach experiences, *not* dealing with sex (should be a short thread!)?  They do have white sand though--I'm wondering if it's natural or 'silicon enhanced' (shipped in from elsewhere on a barge, and dumped on the beach as is very common world wide).


CJ  I do like the Philippines, though it might be hard to tell from my cynical realistic posts! :-)


PS--any tips on where to stop en route to Boracay from Iloilo is also appreciated

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