Nypd Coming To The Philippines / Manhunt

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S. Pacific NYPD
Plans slay manhunt in Philippines
Last Updated: 5:24 AM, May 3, 2013
Posted: 2:58 AM, May 3, 2013
The NYPD wants to send detectives to the Philippines to hunt down a fugitive home-health aide charged with murdering a wealthy Manhattan jeweler, The Post has learned.

Miguel Abarentos, 26, was indicted this week for allegedly slaying Thawerdas Sadhwani, 85, by crushing his throat with a chair in his East 36th Street co-op last Dec. 15, court sources said.

“He took a chair and used it as a guillotine,” a source said, adding that Abarentos allegedly first smashed Sadhwani in the head with a lamp.

“The old man was getting on his nerves and he just snapped,” said a source.

Abarentos allegedly snatched a pile of cash and credit cards and headed to an Internet cafe in Queens — where he confessed to the crime in a Facebook chat with a pal, a law enforcement source said.

“I got to get out of here,” he allegedly confided. “I just killed somebody.”

Abarentos waited two days before booking a flight to Malaysia. He later headed to the Philippines.

The case will now be submitted to the Justice Department, which will reach out to Filipino officials about tracking Abarentos down in that country.

If the government approves, federal agents and detectives from the 17th Precinct will head to Southeast Asia.

Abarentos was on his flight two days after the murder when the body was found.

A maid showed up for her shift and got worried when no one answered the door. She called the building porter, who discovered the battered corpse inside.

“I was too scared to look inside. I stood outside the bedroom door,” said the maid, Rinchen Choedon, 43.

Originally from India, Sadhwani became a successful jeweler and traveled frequently for business, relatives said.

He took great pride in purchasing the fancy co-op.

Sadhwani’s daughter, Meenu Sadhwani, and his wife both live abroad.

The jeweler’s immediate family kept the gory details of his violent death a secret.

Many who attended his Queens funeral were unaware he had been murdered and assumed he died of old age, sources said.

“I still find it hard to believe,” said relative Sonia Sadhwani. “I don’t understand how a person could possibly do this.”



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Call me bubba

thanks bruce, for the heads up.and since you mention NYPD,

here is some music to remind some of us of the TV show COPS.

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