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Mike S

Does anyone other than me find removing and replacing the wires in a molex connector ..... post-11-0-72096000-1373425009_thumb.jpg ...... a PITA (Pain In The A ... you guessed it) well today while trying to convert a 4 pin molex to a 3-4 pin fan connection (yea I know they make them but I ain't in the land of the big PX anymore) I was searching the net for different connectors and ran across various YouTube vids about how to remove the pins and finally found one that took about 2 seconds and had no sound ..... simply take a ball point pen refill turn it away from the tip part and simply push it over the pins and wala the job is done .... pure and simple .... now you may have to check a few refills because some are smaller than others but it will work slick as snot .... I had to check 2-3 before I found one .... and yea I also know they sell a tool to use but remember no big PX here ......


Just thought I would pass it on .... :thumbsup:


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