Metro Manila Taxi Warning/danger

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Call me bubba
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here is the latest news on a possible threat to our safety regarding TAXIS

sorry but its in tagalog,

(if anyone can translate, i and others appreciate your help)


again when you do take a taxi here or elsewhere just be observant .

1 member uses his phone to "call mr XXX " to state he is on taxi "thx-1138"

and will arrive shortly

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Call me bubba

have found another article i presume is the same but in english




They operated in tandem, prowling the streets on a cab:

One behind the wheel,

the other hiding in the trunk and ready to pounce once the victim is trapped inside the vehicle.


Two men were arrested in separate police operations for allegedly kidnapping, robbing and molesting a young woman,

who was abducted in Makati City but was able to escape in Quezon province.

Taxi driver Eduardo Sarabosing Jr., 34, of Unisan, Quezon; and his cohort Samuel Aumentado Jr., 39, of Baragay Talon Dos, Las Piñas City, were arrested on Monday and Tuesday, respectively

, based on the harrowing account given by 21-year-old “Karen,” a hotel waitress and resident of Pasay City.


A report from the National Capital Region Police Office showed that Karen’s ordeal began around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, on her way home from a five-story hotel in Makati City where she worked, when she boarded a Boncam Transport taxi (TXD-899) driven by Sarabosing on Makati Avenue.


Hidden partner


When the cab reached the corner of Buendia and Edsa, Sarabosing suddenly stopped. Aumentado, who was hiding in the trunk the whole time, then got out.

Aumentado boarded the taxi and held Karen at knifepoint, demanding P20,000.

Unable to produce the money on the spot, the victim offered her two ATM cards instead.

The suspects then took her all the way to Laguna province for her to make the withdrawal.

Karen was later brought to a house in a forested area in Barangay Pag-aguasan, Unisan town in Quezon.

Aumentado took over the taxi and returned to Metro Manila, leaving Karen with Sarabosing.


But Karen was able to escape around 4 a.m. on Monday, when she saw that Sarabosing had fallen asleep. As soon as she got out of the house, she sought help from a passing resident, who then brought her to barangay officials.

Karen led teams from the Unisan and Quezon provincial police back to the house, where Sarabosing was arrested.

Three-hour road nightmare

Speaking to Quezon police investigators, Karen said she was molested by Aumentado

during the three-hour drive to Quezon, while Sarabosing also tried to rape her at the house in Unisan.

Aumentado was arrested by the Las Piñas City police around 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday

, after the Boncam taxi was found abandoned at Pamplona Tres late Monday night and after Sarabosing identified Aumentado as his accomplice during an interrogation.

Aumentado was arrested on Times Street, Barangay Talon Dos, while hiding in a tree.

Recovered from him were several identification cards, ATM cards, ladies’ accessories and drug paraphernalia.

Traced by the police, the registered owner of the Boncam taxi

said the vehicle had been missing for two days and was last seen being driven by Sarabosing.

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Most persons riding a taxi would take the backseat behind the front passenger seat for a better view and because you enter and exit on the passenger side.  I ride behind the taxi driver where he can't see me with his rear view mirror and I am in a position to choke him if necessary. Some drivers would ask me to move and I explain its more comfortable. The position disrupts their comfort zone, which is the reason for doing it. If they have an accomplice down the road waiting, the driver might wave him off.

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