Daughter Starting School , In Cebu

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Next year... she will have completed 3rd grade here in the US, and will resume in Cebu at the start of the school year (June, I believe).  I think my wife and her will rent in the Talisay area (inlaws home base), just south of Cebu City.  Any suggestions for schools, are appreciated. My wife has ideas.. but it's always good to hear experiences of expats, as well  :)  . Just another perspective, that I really want to hear.

Eventually.. we will build on a lot, in the Carcar - Barili area. Not in a huge mad hurry for that, and I realize it will all take time.

Also wondering... if anyone has experience with the schools in Carcar, and was looking at the Sacred Heart school. Was wondering about the tuition for grade school and high school. I noticed the tuition was $2500 a year in Cebu City (read it from another thread).. which I think is a bit higher then we were hoping.

Thanks in advance, for any insight and knowledge.



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