November 2013

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Mike S

Well as most of you are aware Google has chosen Nov. 2013 as the date they will no longer be using their iGoogle and it will go the way of the Dodo bird ..... so if like me you like the sprawling home page with lots of little gadgets and the ability to customize your home page the way you want it .... I decided to pull the plug on them first and did a search on Google for an alternative home page program ..... 


I found ...... .......  after trying out several others I decided on this one as it is the closest to iGoogle and also allows you to get customized gadgets to use from other countries like the Philippines ..... here also is a link to some of the alternatives that are available along with Yahoo .... MSN and Chrome ..... some of these home pages have way to many features for me and can be a bit complicated .... I'm a firm believer in the KISS theory .... so anyway I just thought I would pass it on .... :thumbsup:



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