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Today, 30 April 2005, I took my five children (12,9,8,4,2), my wife,two maids, and nine other neighbors, children, and cousins, total of18 people, to the Rock Springs River Resort in Jasaan, about 25K eastof our home in Cagayan de Oro.The mountain resort has three stream fed swimming pools. Entrance feeis P20 per person = P360. Two cabanas on the wooded terrace overlooking the main pool were P100 each.The food we brought with us, rice, chicken, spaghetti, pancit canton,stewed beef, 1/2 case of beer, and 3 gal of orange drink added P650 to our/my expenses.I donated P50 to the pay for play kareoke machine for the singers/dancers, and another P50 for ice cream bars for the kids.Total expenses were P1,350 (including ice). It came to exactly $25 for the day, for 18 people. (I remember, 10+ years ago, spending $150for a dinner for two, incl wine, brandy, and Cherries Jubilee.) Today was the day I watched my four year old jump off a diving boardfor the first time. And after a ten minute temper tantrum, which he won, my two year old followed his brother off the board. They spent the rest of the afternoon trying to outdo each other, andfollow their older brothers.(To be honest, they will be three and five in July.)Hopefully, tomorrow, Sunday, will be a day of rest. Because on Monday,we are meeting a friend at another river resort for a day of water sports. ( I don't think I could handle another "first" from a two or four year old.) Wednesday will be the ex-pat meeting, and Sunday, the twice monthly ex-pat beach party. How was YOUR day today, 30 April, 2005? 2 May 2005. My family, and two other ex-pat families went to a place on the river we had never been before. Entry fee, P20 per vehicle. We brought with us, beer, watermelon, soft drinks, rice, chicken, spaghetti, and several beef and pork dishes.The village was getting ready for a fiesta. Four pigs,two goats, and a huge quantity of chickens were gutted in the river.The children went wading and swimming, and three of the older ones, led by my nine year old, enjoyed crossing the river on the three-strand rope bridge. Total cost per family for the day's outing; P300. ($5.50) How was your day today, 2 May 2005?(I just checked my calendar. In eight days, 30 April-8 May, my family and I attended 5 events, shared with 105 people in our group of ex-pats, families, and friends. Total cost was $51.00. The pace will slacken, once school starts again in June.) ========== _________________Mike Farrell First Sergeant of Marines Retired and Reincarnated in the Philippines Cagayan de Oro

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