Philippine Inflation Rate

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Does anyone know the Philippine inflation rate? I am not referring to government propaganda, but to a true and most accurate measure of inflation.


In the United States, the Department of Labor Statistic, using Consumer Price Index (CPI), claims our year to year inflation rate is a mere 1.8%. CBS News reported that the rate of inflation, as calculated by the American Institute for Economic Research is really a whopping 8% over the past year. Since the 1980s, the federal government has been changing the methodology with the intent of depressing reported inflation as a measure of the cost of living. One example is adding the price of televisions, which has been steadily going down due to imports. You don't buy a television once a month. You do buy fruits and vegetables and bread, but how these are calculated in the CPI is minimal. The same with gasoline, which the government does not even include in CPI because it keeps fluctuating. 


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