Gay Street Kids Update / Pass On This Post If You Are Offended.

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Well I had another hair brained idea!


There is a program that posts on it's website, different projects that people are trying to get funded. The programs have to fit a certain format and follow certain rules. Like 'fund my trip to the Philippines' does NOT fall under acceptable programs ( I am so sorry Jake).


The post is live for 30 to 60 days (you choose) and a goal is set. If you do not reach the funding goal, then you get nothing and no sponsor credit cards are charged. But if you get more funds than you set the level at, you keep all the extra funds as well as the funding goal you set. Minus a 5% fee and the credit card fees as well. So about 7-8% of the total collected is kept by the website for their fee. They are partnered with Amazon and not Paypal for processing the credit cards.  


Out on Samar, where there is a lot of poverty and not much to do as compared to Manila or Cebu, dancing is a popular past time. Many kids have small dance groups and you can see them practicing in the park. As I already was doing the gay sponsorship for the kids to help them find foreign sponsors to fund their education (5 kids with sponsors so far) the charity was know to try to help the kids.


I have a cousin who is a musician and he had used this kickstarter site to fund his projects. So I decided to give it a try. See the result on the link above. I will keep the forum updated as to the progress.

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