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Mike Farrell

True story time. Nine years ago, I took my pregnant wife, a pregnant OFW's wife, and two helpers to a disco.The hostess seating us asked what I, a kano, was doing with four Filipinas. I told her that we had a deal. I would get five Filipinas pregnant,and the one who had the best looking kano baby, I would marry. Pointing to the two obvious pregnant ones, I said that we had four, looking for a fifth, and would she like to put in an application.She laughed and walked away. Later, my wife had to go to the CR. (Ladies Room) She was accosted bythe hostess and several waitresses. When she returned, she told me how angry they were that we were married and I was only joking. My wife told me that I could have hadfour applications. My turning around and asking her to point out the applicants resultedin a kick to the shins I still remember today. On the other hand, she realized that I am not desperate, and how replaceable she is.It is a hammer that has never been used, or abused. Ten years of marriage, four children and an adopted niece attest to our togetherness. Perhaps that incident made it work for us.I don't know, nor do I care.We are together, because this is where we both choose to be._________________Mike Farrell First Sergeant of Marines Retired and Reincarnated in the Philippines Cagayan de Oro

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