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Henry Carhuff of Cagayan wrote and posted this on another site.It should be valued as a classic. Mike Farrell Cagayan de Oro My hair is salt and pepper and my face shows the years of happinessand sorrow, my skin has lost its elasticity and somewhat stays whereyou put it.My belly hangs over my belt and looks like a wet potato sack, my toe nails are turning yellow and you need a set of limb cutters to keep them trim.My knees are becoming knobby and those strong legs I once had have lost their vim and vigor. My hands are covered with liver spots and don't move with any dexterity, my biceps are now Byeceps.I need glasses to read and fall asleep if I read to long, there's long hairs growing out of my ears and if the wind blows it tickles the inside of my ears. I have to put on my glasses to clip the hairs in my nones, my teeth are showing signs of wear, even the false ones. My walk is slower and I do sometimes wobble, I don't run up the stairs anymore, as a matter of fact I can't run down them ether. I often wonder how I ever made it up the hill in this condition to be what is known as "over the hill". Bed time is now any time between six and nine, I sleep like an old baby. But on top of all this my Filipina, all of 25 years of age, tells me I'm still "gwapa" and keeps the spark of life burning inside. She cuts the hairs and trims the nails and cooks me meals with love, she sees more in me then I do and this makes me happy. Can anyone give me a damm good reason to go back ???? I'm Henry from CDO==============================I don't know if Henry was aware of his cancer when he wrote that. I DO know he concealed it from all of his friends, AND his Filipina.Reading Henry's many posts, I doubt if he would have considered a deal with the devil not to come to the Philippines in exchange for an additional five years added to his lifetime.I agree with Henry, I wouldn't either.Henry's demise was swift and sudden. Fine in the morning, gone in the afternoon. A better way to go than most of us deserve.Mike FarrellCagayan de Oro

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