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Filipino villagers are convinced Britain's Prince Harry is staying in their town.Residents of Dumanjug, a village south of Cebu, the Phillippines second largest city, have seen a tall, good-looking young man who looks exactly like the 24-year-old royal doing charity work in the area.The man - who introduced himself as Harry and is addressed as Your Highness by villagers - has visited schools and homes and made friends with local children.He is reportedly staying at Dumanjug Central School's home economics building, and jogs around the town every morning without his security guards.District mayor Cesar Baricuatro said the local government is providing the prince with food including vegetables and rice cakes.The British embassy in Manila has denied Prince Harry is in the Philippines.Last month, Cebu residents reportedly spotted Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visiting local orphanages, sparking speculation the couple - who raise six children together, three of who are adopted - are seeking to adopt a Filipino.

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