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My wife and I have started discarding stuff accumulated over 40 years of marriage. There are Philippine scenery posters in our storage locker. They were produced at a time we had a graphic design and photography studio in the Philippines. The ones in Honolulu will be shipped to my alumni group in Manila along with old school yearbooks. We will soon celebrate the 50th anniversary of our graduation. They are planning a, "What did you do?" exhibit at the school campus. I was the class and yearbook photographer. The posters would be appropriate for the exhibit.  


Since we are cleaning in Honolulu, my mother-in-law reminded us we had lots of junk (I mean treasures) stored in her garage. We will be in Los Angeles next month. If anyone wants free Philippines posters, please let me know. The shipping address has to be USA. It would be too expensive to mail them to the Philippines. I also don't know what's in the garage and quantity.


The Kodak photographs were taken in Baguio and Mindoro. The Mindoro beaches then were pristine. The poster series are all from Luzon such as Baguio, Banaue, Tagaytay, Pagsanjan, Hidden Valley, etc.


PM me an address.

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