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I don't know about this? 


Actress’ remains intact 30 years after death  :89:



Manila: Relatives and friends of an actress who died during the prime of her career in 1984 were aghast after finding her remains still intact nearly three decades after her death in a car accident.

Reports reaching Manila said the corpse of Claudia Zobel, appeared undamaged and showed relatively little decomposition 29 years after her death.

Claudia’s relatives made the discovery last Tuesday as memorial park workers at the Queen City Memorial Gardens in Cebu, Central Philippines exhumed her remains to provide space for the burial of her 75-year-old father who died recently, reports said.

In a television interview aired by GMA News in Filipino, Zobel’s elder brother, Ernesto Maloloy-on, 57, said they were surprised to find his younger sister’s body still intact and not fully decomposed after all those years.


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